I just turned this website into a blog by putting this wonderful image/logo in the sidebar. It's so happy looking that I might actually write a piece of lyric today which won't be serious and sad. Look at the baby giant squid in the corner.
It's probably going for the bear, but it's still a baby and it's not that giant, so I'm guessing it would lose. Unless it just wants to make friends, inspired by the love-spreading unicorn. Which would be perfectly cool, but a little bit like yyyy?

Moving on from the logo/image theme: I am in Holland, Tom is in Portugal and Olivier in Luxembourg. The standard-all-over-the-place situation. Very soon we are heading back to Poland to finish the new album and that's very exiting.

I was reading a lot and looking through stuff and I am planning on posting many of my discoveries here to keep them as notes-to-self. For example the bird song - Iet me start with that. So I leave you with the wonderful bird song.


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