Dear friends and other friendly folks,

With an admitted pain in my heart, I hereby send out a little envelope of news to inform you of a matter that has been grabbing hold of my thoughts over the last couple of months, but has now finally settled in the following decision: I have decided to quit the band. My reasons are more than one, one could say that our ways turned out to be divergent, that I have other little boxes to open. Yet there have been no harsh feelings amongst the four of us -- more than anything, the ship was sailing and I decided to go swimming.

The way things are looking now, I will still play the gigs for the Scylla & Charybdis release in Poland until the summer; as for the Netherlands, I will still join for one last show in our old hometown of Maastricht. The band will then continue as the original three-piece, de toute sa force, fully energized and ambitious.

A big thanks to all you fine people for your kind help, your ever so loyal support, and the many contributions to making the last few years so very enjoyable. Let this, by all means, be a call for a continuation of that.





Anne (De zus van)
18/03/2009 12:19

Wat jammer dat je weg bent! Ik zag Très b. net bij De wereld draait door, en was helemaal trots bij de aankondiging maar... geen Alex! Snik. De rest was goed hoor, ben ik ook trots op.



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